Corporate Philosophy

Corporate ethics

Towards becoming a company that creates the future of food life

Kozosushi’s most important mission is to put smiles on the customers’ faces and make them happy through a traditional Japanese food “sushi.”
We operate “Kozosushi” of take-home sushi that has been loved for more than 40 years, Kozosushi’s first eat-in style store “Hachimaki Tasuke,” and “Chagetsu” which joined Kozosushi in 2012.
While capitalizing on comprehensive strength to operate these stores and on brand power to develop stores nationwide, we will continue to make efforts to create a new and friendly “sushi culture” by bringing out the uniqueness irrespective of the tradition of sushi.
Also, we will promise not just our customers but franchisees who will become our future partners to aggressively create stores where they can feel satisfied.

Tuyoshi Kobayashi, President and Representative Director

Guidelines for Behaviour

We sell delicious products with a smile and a lively attitude and always present them in accordance with our ‘safe, confident, healthy’ rule.

1 Basic common sense: ‘Cheerfully, vigorously and with a smile on your face’
1. Always smile and be friendly at work
2. Be the way you would want to be if you were in the customer’s place
3. Do your work briskly and efficiently (but accuracy is the most important thing until you get used to it)
2 「Three key points for a ‘Good shop’: Making sure of the ‘4S’s’ (Seiri – tidiness; Seiton – orderliness; Seisou – cleanliness; Seiketsu – hygiene)
1. A shop that makes the customer feel it’s a good shop
  • ● SQ. The quality of the products is good
  • ● R. The service is good and the customer is not made to wait
  • ● C. The shop feels nice and clean
2. A shop in which the staff are working briskly and good-humouredly
  • ● They observe their commitments and stick to the rules
  • ● The subordinate staff are taught and trained in a systematic manner
  • ● Everyone gets along with each other
3. A store that makes money (increases its ability to improve its operations)
  • ● Systematic manufacturing directions (QT – quality team)
  • ● Raising the ability to share out the operating burden
  • ● Getting rid of waste, inconsistency and unreasonableness
3 Food preparation (manufacturing) basics: ‘Rapidly, deliciously, cleanly’
1. Quick preparation (manufacturing)………prioritising orders
2. Delicious sushi……………good rice and good food
3. Clean products……………prepared according to the manual
4 The 3 basic principles of food hygiene
1. Cleanliness
2. Rapidity
3. Heating through and refrigeration
5 The 3 basic principles of food handling
1. Avoid bacteria
2. Avoid increasing bacteria
3. Exterminate bacteria
6 Basic common sense for persons handling food
1. Maintaining health
2. Personal grooming
3. Hygienic habits
7 Basic common sense for cleanliness ‘Wipe quickly, pick up quickly, put away quickly’
1. If it gets wet, wipe it right away
2. If you drop rubbish, pick it up immediately
3. Put away your tools and equipment
Corporate Activities Charter

We aim to be a company that contributes to society and is trusted by society and strive to achieve our corporate mission by being a company that respects and acts in accordance with fair play and observes all its legal and regulatory obligations. Moreover, we are confident that this will lead to the benefit of our customers, our shareholders, our business partners, our company officers and their families. Consequently, as people that are engaged in the food business which is an area that is involved with people’s health and lives, we are very conscious of the weight of our social responsibilities and conduct our activities not just in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations that we scrupulously comply with but also by following the principles outlined below which are rooted in a strong sense of ethics and in social good sense.

1 Providing happiness and peace of mind to our customers
We take the happiness and peace of mind of our customers very seriously and provide them with safe, high quality products and services by our abundant creativity and our strict adherence to quality control.
2 We continue to be an honest company
We maintain wholesome and normal relationships with the government and the authorities and do not pay bribes or make any illegal political contributions or make any unlawful donations of our company earnings. Moreover, we maintain a firm attitude towards all antisocial individuals and organizations that exert a negative influence on the social order and on the wholesome activities of corporations.
3 Aiming to be a good corporate citizen
As a good corporate citizen, we strive to make a wide-ranging contribution to society by deepening our friendly relations with regional societies and by participating in the social activities of the areas in which we operate.
4 Conducting fair and transparent business transactions
We conduct fair and transparent business transactions and scrupulously observe all the relevant laws and regulations that govern such transactions and interpret them in the spirit in which they are meant to be taken.
5 Observing laws and ordinances
We strive to ensure that we correctly understand and interpret the intentions as well as the rules of the laws and ordinances that we take pains to observe scrupulously and that we maintain a spirit of fair play in our dealings. Moreover, we make every effort to make sure that we prevent all instances of unfair practises from occurring.
6 We proactively disclose information in a positive manner
We practise timely and positive disclosure of information to our customers, shareholders and to society at large.
7 We handle confidential and personal information in an appropriate manner
We appreciate the importance of and the necessity of protecting any confidential information obtained in the course of our business operations and any personal information about our customers and deal with all such information appropriately.
8 We are actively engaged in environmental issues
We conduct our corporate activities with respect for the natural environment and contribute to passing on the abundant blessings of life and the environment to future generations.
9 We are building a working environment that offers a job worth doing
We have created a safe and healthy working environment and support the growth of both our company and the individuals of which it is made up by providing a bright, fair, forward-looking working environment.。
10 We are consistent in implementing this charter
We have established a system, and made great efforts to ensure that it is well known both within the company and externally, that is designed to ensure that the contents of this charter are consistently implemented.