1964 The ‘Super Sushi • Sushi Masu’ precursor to the Kozosushi chain opens its first store.
1986 Moves head office to Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. The Kozosushi chain commences sponsorship of its own events for a national festival and begins ‘Event Promotions’.
2002 Merger with the Tokyo Kozosushi Co., Ltd. Moves its head office to Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. Simultaneously with the merger, makes the Sapporo Kaisenmaru Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary.
2003 Establishes its KOZO SUSHI AMERICA, INC. subsidiary in the State of Hawaii, USA (Japanese name: Beikoku Kozosushi Kabushikigaisha)
2004 Cancels its registration with the Japan Securities Association and lists its shares on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.